Take Action

We need your help!

If you are a patient:

We need your stories. Have you been stuck with a ridiculously high bill that was not disclosed to you at the time of service? Have you had trouble accessing your provider of choice due to unnecessary barriers? Let us know!

If you are a provider:

Are you offered contractual rates well below the rates offered to your competitors for the same service? Has an insurance company not paid you for service you have provided? Are the current insurance contractual rates offered to you enough to cover the cost of providing the service? What have you done about it?

If you are an employer:

Has your health insurance premiums gone up substantially and are your employees receiving less benefits than in the past despite this increase your cost? How are you handling this?

If you are a Texan:

Do you want high quality affordable healthcare in your state? Would you like to have access to your provider of choice? Do you want to know the cost of your healthcare before you receive it?

We are working to expose the inefficient and unfair practices hidden within our convoluted and overly complex healthcare system. This takes volunteer time and resources. Click here for more information about how you can become a volunteer and join our action committee. Click here to make a donation and see more details about our upcoming projects.